Hi, thanks for connecting!

I’m Indra and I’m a Practicing Naturopath (Nutritionist  and Herbal Medicine), Chef, and Kinesiologist, AIP and Gaps Health Coach, recipe developer, photographer (very amateur)and all round food and herb nerd. Try saying that fast 3 times in a row!

I love what I do! Unravelling my patient’s health problems, eating amazing food, cuddling my dogs and cat, getting into nature kayaking and hiking, travelling as much as I can. And did I mention eating...

I adore cooking Paleo, AIP, and Gluten free, anti-inflammatory and Plant Based food, all fancy labels for DELICIOUS

But a few years back I became totally broken, I mean my health spectacularly went kaput!

(Read about my health journey)


Some Fun Facts about me:

  • The closest way I can describe my diet is Paleo with a huge emphasis on vegetables, Meat should be the garnish not the main player and you should be alternating with plant based meals regularly.

  • I eat an anti-inflammatory diet and too many grains and legumes make me feel gross.

  • I believe food should be good for us and a pleasure to eat, you should find what works for you and what supports your particular health picture, everyone is different, what works will be different, try not to be too “judgey” with other peoples “right”

  • I allow myself an occasional coffee unless I’m fasting or detoxing

  • I read really crappy Paranormal Romances and have a (un)healthy online clothes shopping addiction

  • I occasionally eat foods that are not Paleo; I have Hummus, (one of the few legume based things that suit me [does an exuberant Mexican wave alone in-front of her computer]) and once in a blue moon I enjoy Tempeh, cheese and tofu. 

    I love organic butter and I enjoy a cheeky small batch gin and gluten free pizza occasionally, life is all about balance right?

  • I am a Celiac and have a severe fish and shellfish allergy though I cooked it a lot as a Chef and occasionally pull out a fish dish for my friends and husband.

  • I love to travel

  • I love to eat

  • All my food is gluten free.

  • I was born in New York and my background is Lithuanian (Which is where my name is from though most people are expecting a Indian or Indonesian, can get confusing when I travel or when I have new patients!)

  • I live by the 80-20% rule, 80% of the time I’m pure as the driven snow with my diet, 20% of the time I’m a little less rigid. While I definitely used some VERY strict guidelines for my diet initially, now my health is back in balance, I allow myself an occasional treat

  • I believe in Nutrient dense real food, if your Great Grandma wouldn’t recognise it as food don’t eat it!

  • I’ve been married for quarter of a century 🙂


I am hoping that some of my journey helps you out with some of the tips and knowledge I’ve learnt along the way both from myself and my beautiful patients.