Super Dooper Chia Jam

I must confess a bit of a sweet tooth, so to save me from myself I like to invent healthier alternatives that can just sit in the fridge for when I’m ready to indulge.

One of my staples is Chia Jam. If you’ve never made it you are missing out big time!

This is my Super Dooper version, first up because its super dooper easy to make but secondly its jam packed… with antioxidants.


So what’s an antioxidant?

To understand that you need to know what its opposite is, in other words oxidation.

The process of oxidation in the human body damages cell membranes and other structures, including cellular proteins, lipids and DNA. When oxygen is metabolised, it creates unstable molecules called free radicals, which steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage to DNA and other cells.  Think of an apple when you slice it going brown. That is oxidation. 

Oxidation contributes to inflammation, ageing, damage and disease

Antioxidants are found in certain foods and may prevent some of the damage caused by free radicals by neutralising them. Think Vitamin A, E, C, Zinc, Selenium and all of the gorgeous Phytochemicals in fruit and Veg. (Hot tip eat buckets of fresh, brightly coloured fruit and veg and you’re covered)

Antioxidants quench free radical damage, fighting aging, disease and inflammation.

So Free Radicals and oxidation BAD. Antioxidants GOOD, got it?


Big job for a little jam! But the beauty is if you tweak your food to add extra antioxidants you are going to be healthier and that’s all kinds of good!!!!


Super Dooper Chia Jam

2 Cups Berries, I’ve used raspberry

2Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp. Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

2Tbsp Pomegranate Seeds

1 Tbsp. Dragon Fruit powder


·       Put the raspberries, lemon juice, maple syrup and pomegranate seeds in a pan over a low heat and break down till it looks “jammy” Frozen fruit is fine, I tend to use frozen organic raspberries and Pomegranate seeds as they are economical and available all year around

·       Once it’s all broken down add the Dragon fruit powder. Again you could use any berry powders in this instance. I am obsessed with Dragon fruit, I love the colour both fresh and powdered. I buy it online.

·       Sprinkle in the Chia seeds, mix well.

·       Cool for 5-10 minutes and pop in a jar.

·       This is not like the jam you are used to it needs to be in the freezer if you want to keep it for ages. I leave min in the fridge for 1- weeks.

·       It’s great on paleo toast or on coconut yoghurt


 Hot tip: All fruit that is brightly coloured will be high in antioxidants. This works well with ANY berries. If the jam isn’t sweet enough for you, before adding extra maple syrup, try omitting the lemon juice and adding vanilla essence instead.