Decadently Rich Banana and Chocolate “Paddle-pops” for Healthy Grownup’s


There are no words for how incredible these are! Delicious, easy and healthy they tick all the boxes for Raw food and Vegan diets and are Paleo friendly.

The dates are so full of fibre they stop the ice-cream from freezing solid. You can even eat the mixture unfrozen it’s like a mousse.

I like very dark and bitter chocolate so I’ve put a lot of raw cacao in my recipe. I would suggest scaling that back for kids.

  •  10 fresh dates soaked
  • 2 med/large organic bananas
  • 5 Tbsp raw cacao powder
  • ½ can coconut milk

Top the can up with almond milk, so ½ can almond milk. (you can substitute any milk you like for the almond milk or even use a whole can of coconut cream)

1.    Put it all in the blender and pulse till smooth and mousse like

2.    Pour into ice-cream moulds

3.    Freeze

4.    Eat!