Healthy Vegan Bread


My Beautiful Niece is a Vegan, as are an ever increasing number of my patients.

So whenever I’m due a visit from Victoria I get in the kitchen and try to create some scrumptious Vegan delights.

This time I’ve adapted a Keto bread recipe from Dr Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D, who I had the absolute pleasure to listen to at the 2018 Bioceuticls symposium.  He’s a doctor an astronaut and a researcher of Ketogenic diets, as well as being married to an astronaut. He was just brilliant to listen to and a little easy on the eye… He was like a movie character!

Anyway, on his website he has an amazing Keto Bread recipe made from nut butter that we often cook. I’ve used some Vegan egg substitutes to make this loaf.

Nut Bread

·       1 cup of nut butter (I’ve used ABC)

·       2Tbs MCT oil

·       1.5Tsp Arrowroot

·       Large Chia seed egg (4Tbsp chia mixed with 12Tbsp boiling water soak, then blend in food processor)

·       1Tbsp cider vinegar

·       1Tbsp baking powder

·       2Tbsp psyllium husk

·       ½ cup boiling water


·       ¼ cup mixed dry fruit (I’ve used prunes and fresh dates)

·       ¼ cup coconut and sunflower seeds

·       ½ Tbsp. cinnamon

·       1tsp vanilla

Admittedly I’ve strayed from the Keto path with the addition of the dried fruit, but the loaf is still high in protein and healthy fats.


·       Place your chia egg, arrowroot MCT oil and 1/2cup water in a blender, mix well

·       Add nut butter and Psyllium husks

·       Mix cider vinegar and baking powder wile foaming add to mixture

·       Blend everything till well combined

·       Stir through your flavours

·       Place in a lined loaf tin

·       Bake 30-40 minutes till a skewer is clean. Oven 180


Next time I think I’ll leave out the fruit and try it with some mixed herbs and maybe a bit of Vegan cheese grated and mixed through, Or maybe Fresh blueberries and strawberries to keep it low GI, for my Niece of course….