Paleo Coconut and Vanilla Yoghurt


I love making this at home as coconut yoghurt can be pricy and quite thick.

One of my new “toys” is a yoghurt maker, which gently heats my lovely little glass pots of yoghurt for 8-10 hours as they ferment. My husband says they look like hot rollers!
You can get the same effect from putting sterilized glass jars of yoghurt into an oven overnight at 100 degrees.
I experimented with a few different mixtures both with and without thickeners, and I’ve found my perfect consistency. I start with a very thick coconut cream so I don’t need to thicken it, it ends up getting a delightful thick coconut cream top which I tap through with my spoon to get to the runnier yoghurt underneath.
Keep in mind as this is a fermented product, each batch has the capacity to be quite different depending on the probiotic you use and the time and temperature you ferment for. The one thing I guarantee is its fun finding out the personality quirks of each delicious blend!

  • 2 tins of thick coconut cream
  • 1 Tbsp. Rice Malt
  • 2 probiotic capsules (you will open the capsules pour the contents into the mix and discard the capsule)
  • Vanilla. It is up to you which kind you use or if you use it at all. I have all my vanilla pods that I have scraped out, dried, and put into a small pepper grinder and I grind in about ½ tsp.


  1. Place all the ingredients into a blender, or whisk in a bowl till well combined.
  2. Sterilize your jars with boiling water, pour in leave for a minute and then pour out.
  3. Fill your jars to 1-2 cm from the top
  4. Seal firmly
  5. I place mine in my yoghurt maker for 8-10 hours the longer the ferment the thicker the yoghurt. If you don’t have a maker, place your jars into the oven in a warm water bath on 100 for 7-8 hours
  6. A additional method that works particularly well in summer, is place your sealed jar in a warm spot in the kitchen for 24 hours and let it ferment, this will require some experimentation as the heat will differ in different kitchens.
  7. Refrigerate when your yoghurt is done. I enjoy mine as a topping in a lot of my desserts I also like it with berries.