Let's talk about your Dog's Diet...


Don’t forget about your best friend.

There is so much information about diets online to the point of confusion. But, what about your best friend?

Your dog will be with you for years and years, don’t you want to ensure longevity and health?

A recent press release from the FDA in America highlighted links with Cardiac disease in dogs that ate certain pet foods containing peas, lentils, other legumes or potatoes as their main ingredients.

There is also an alarming increase in canine cancers and obesity.

Sound familiar? If humans eat loads of processed high carb food, that’s also associated with degenerative health conditions such as cardio vascular disease and obesity.

And really, do you think if a dog was in the wild they would be eating lentils and potatoes….


Now I have 2 gorgeous dogs, the older Juno who is a Red Heeler or Australian Cattle dog, had an unfortunate run in with Hemorrhagic gastro as a pup. The infection literally dissolved her gut lining and damaged her liver and pancreas, our 20kg dog came home 7kg, after spending 10 days in intensive care needing oxygen, heart paddles and plasma transfusions, (10k later and goodbye all holidays for that year).

Juno then had classic leaky gut and candida. It took almost a year to rehab her, so I feel like I’m quite the dog gut expert, and even now she cannot tolerate bones and raw meat. You won’t find a happier dog anywhere though!

Then Loki my French bulldog. Healthy as an Ox but geez do that breed fart! So, as he was born C-section I treated him with the same protocol I would a newborn baby in clinic. Hello 70% less farts…


What do I look for in a dog food?

1.     Grain free, this is a no brainer, dogs do not eat or need grains in the wild.

2.     Give your dog’s Healthy organic fruit and veg.

Our dogs get the same veggies as we do, just a little stirred in to their food. The favourite around here is cauliflower stalks that are salivated over as if they were liver treats, and 2 organic blueberries a day. I also mix a pinch of barley grass powder into their food, stops them eating grass outside!

3.     My favourite grain free food is K9 Natural and no they have not paid me to say this.

Since my dogs have been on it they have more muscle less, fat and shiny coats, an added bonus is there are no fillers so their poops are smaller and easier to pick up, I think we all agree that’s just awesome.

4. I also give the dogs a daily probiotic, I’m currently using the brand paw.

5. Get outside with your bestie, every day. EXERCISE!  

So, to recap, I feed my dogs an anti-inflammatory diet with fresh fruit and veg, I soak the food in a bit of hot water so they stay hydrated, and don’t forget (if they are tolerated) a nice meaty bone. Doing a few common-sense changes to your best friends diet will help improve overall health and longevity.

Ella Doyle