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The most important things for me have been the improvement of my health and energy levels.

I came to Indra suffering from unexplained allergies. Working with her, I have developed an understanding of my allergies. This has left me feeling much healthier, and in control again. I have consulted Indra on other things since, and always found her helpful, open and knowledgeable. One of the things I have sought assistance with is weight loss. Following Indra’s advice, I have had a great result with my weight loss. The most important things for me have been the improvement of my health and energy levels.

~ Faye J

It is possible to change the direction of your life.

One morning in February this year I changed the direction of my life!

I picked up a brightly-coloured business card at my local Curves gym.  It said “Indra Share, Naturopath” and I phoned for an appointment immediately.

This set in motion a change in direction that I could not possibly have imagined.  I filled out the questionnaire and realized that this Naturopath was very serious about their clients and would know more about me in one interview than my doctor did after years of consultations and various tests.

I was overweight, post-menopausal, always tired, de-motivated, anxious and depressed, and so embarrassed about my inability to control my eating, even though I exercised frequently and tried to eat sensibly.  Yes, I’d tried Weight Watchers many times, very successfully short-term, but never maintaining the new figure for long.  This alone sent me a negative message and I felt very disappointed with myself.

With all the publicity surrounding diabetes, I was aware that my waist measurement put me into a risky category and I had a fear of becoming pre-diabetic. Despite recent blood tests requested by my local GP which showed I was healthy, I still knew that I was under-performing, and old age was advancing way too fast.  I didn’t like being an old, grey-haired grandmother who was exhausted by the simplest tasks, full of aches and pains, small dizzy spells, palpitations, sleepless nights and so on.

I had truly lost confidence because the “old me” had disappeared.

My first appointment with Indra filled me with confidence because she explained why I was putting on weight, and assured me that the weight loss programme I was about to undertake would definitely work and that I should notice a difference within two or three months.  This was such joyous news! At last I understood that high levels of dietary Carbs work with insulin to switch off fat burning, and increase fat gain.  I understood that it was important to eat well, have 90g protein per day, eat the right veggies for Carbs, and drink lots of water, and keep up the exercise.  I was prescribed naturopathic supplements which I swallowed even though I wasn’t sure what they were, or what they actually did! Soon I would see a difference!

From Day One of the programme, I felt positive and highly-motivated and have been able to stick to the guidelines with very few problems.  What a good feeling to eat well, knowing that I will be burning that excess fat!

My family and friends have been very impressed, and I’ve been stunned at the transformation in myself.  Even my gym instructor took Indra’s phone number!  Some friends have taken her details, too.

I never really believed it would be possible to turn back the clock to fine the “old me” again, but here I am, an even slimmer version, and so much more healthy than ever before, with lots of energy and sparkle.  I truly feel 20 years younger than I did.  All my small but worrying symptoms, aches and pains, dizzy spells, palpitations etc have totally disappeared.  Even a constant throat problem has gone! I feel much calmer, able to cope with a lot more and I am a much happier person, thanks to Indra, my personal guru!

~ Margaret


My friends have seen the changes and have asked me for Indra’s contact details. I have given it to them without hesitation, as I would highly recommend Indra for anyone looking at seeing a naturopath.

My name is Michelle I had been suffering constant fatigue, bloating, brain fog, along with many other symptoms that I did not know at the time, were all linked to my diagnosis. After blood tests with my doctor showed up nothing, and they had no other solutions for me, I turned to Naturopathy after reading fatigue often being linked to food allergies.

On my first visit I was very nervous as doctors couldn’t help me and I was in desperate need of help, and was worried that turning to naturopathy still wouldn’t provide some answers.
I was quickly put at ease when I met my naturopath Indra. She was very, smiley, bubbly and very sympathetic. She asked many questions and suggested some testing to be done.
Her prognosis was correct, with a change to my diet and taking herbals I was on the mend.
My bloating along with the other symptoms has cleared. My fatigue has greatly improved.
Like an onion we have been peeling back the layers, so whatever has come up, I am always confident that on my next visit Indra will have a solution.
My friends have seen the changes and have asked me for Indra’s contact details. I have given it to them without hesitation, as I would highly recommend Indra for anyone looking at seeing a naturopath.

~ Michelle


 My husband is thrilled and my friends and family are astounded by how my body has changed. 

Hello, my name is El and I am 36 years of age, married with two beautiful boys.

After giving birth, my body just would not go back to normal.  I tried many diets however nothing seemed to work.  It was hard to get the weight off (bearing in mind that I had my kids very close together).
I then decided, right, I need to dig into this further!  I searched in the Yellow Pages for Naturopathy and discovered Indra Share.  It was the first and only place I called upon and came across my savior, Indra.
I have lost 8 kilos so far, and still going, and I have not felt better.  I seem to have more energy, especially with my kids and I am able to do more things in less time.  My skin is much cleaner and I feel much more focused and calm with everything.  The diet has helped me understand good foods and bad foods.   The beauty of it all is that I have had to give clothes away which leaves more room in my cupboards for new attire.  That is a bonus!
My husband is thrilled and my friends and family are astounded by how my body has changed.  The looks on their faces are truly amazing.
I truly thank Indra for guiding me through this. We all know losing weight is not an easy task.  It’s not just losing the weight but also knowing what is good and nutritional for you and your body. Thank you Indra!

~ El

Indra got me off sugar, and gave me the title of a book I should read if I ever got the urge (it works!)

I saw Indra after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I had so many issues I didn’t know how to organize them to discuss them with her! I was lethargic, taking a nap every afternoon. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was depressed, couldn’t concentrate, had no energy for activities with friends or family. I thought I was eating well, but had cramps, bloating and diarrhea. I was using coffee and sugar to get the energy to get through the day, but the highs were getting lower and the lows were also getting lower.

Indra got me off sugar, and gave me the title of a book I should read if I ever got the urge (it works!)

Although I had difficulty eating for a number of reasons I thought I was eating well, but learned that eating was only a part of the nutrition puzzle. Absorbing the nutrients was incredibly important and I wasn’t absorbing what I was taking in! Indra put me on a few supplements to build the immune system, replenish depleted vitamins and minerals and aid absorption. She also had me start making organic beef marrow bone broth. I am now drinking 2-3 glasses a day of this magic elixir and am feeling great. My nausea, bloating, diarrhoea and general pain and discomfort are now gone. I am also sleeping better, feeling less depressed, have much more energy and look forward to time with friends.

And the best part is that she isn’t finished “fixing” me! This is the best “start” I have ever experienced and really look forward to the rest of the journey! Indra not only gave me hope, and an incredible sense of empowerment, but is leading me to good health, and happiness I thought was gone forever.

The icing on the cake is the person that is Indra. She is the happiest, gentlest and most competent person I know. She doesn’t push, but gets her point across. Ten minutes with Indra and her message came across loud and clear….I want what she has!

- Bobbi


Over the past 6 months, Indra Share’s support, knowledge and guidance have transformed my life.

I’d been feeling gradually worse over the last few years and was really starting to feel quite low by the seemingly untreatable irritable bowel syndrome that the third doctor in a string of many diagnosed me with.
My first appointment with Indra filled me with hope. She was able to explain my condition, the underlying causes and a manageable treatment plan to me. Prior consults with other practitioners had left me with a vague understanding of my diagnosis but with many grey areas and unanswered questions. My forays into internet self help only worsened my confusion! Indra’s clarity and knowledge basically turned night into day for me. Over my consults in the ensuing months she tailored diet, lifestyle changes and supplementation that I was easily able to adapt into my daily routine.
I have so much energy and am so happy about the freedom in my attitude and my body that I feel now. The embarrassing and debilitating daily discomfort that I once suffered is under control. My husband says I’ve even got my sense of humor back!

~ Mel


 Have you ever seen the Bupa commercial? 

You know the one about finding a healthier you. The one that doesn’t really tell you how to find the healthier you! Well I have achieved the healthier me, literally with Indra’s guidance, advice & supplements.
I am a female in my early 50’s; about 5 years ago I started a steady decline in health putting on a whopping 25 kilo’s in weight.  Weight has always been a struggle for me however this was the heaviest I had ever been.  I was always a very healthy person very rarely ill and when I was I always bounced back within a couple of days.  During the last few years every time I got sick it sent me literally to my bed for a week at a time, with multiple repeats of antibiotics. Just getting out of bed every morning was a constant struggle.  I was operating on auto pilot; I was there in body however not mentally.  Everything was just in a heavy fog that I could not see out of.  My body was heavily inflamed causing me a large level of discomfort and pain. When it was suggested that I might benefit from seeing Indra my first thought was unrealistic diet and lots of awful potions.  I was advised this was not the case, so I agreed to an appointment and have never looked back.  Well actually I don’t think I was even capable of saying no by this stage.

From my very first visit Indra prescribed me with a number of supplements (not awful tasting potions) and suggested changes to my diet.  She even gave me permission to stop my daily struggle to walk a few kms every morning until she got me back on track.  When I arrived home and discussed the visit with my daughter her first comment was but you do eat healthy Mum. Well there is healthy and then there are healthier better choices, something I have learnt over the last 12 months working with Indra. The first thing I noticed within a week of my first visit was my head was feeling much clearer; the inflammation in my body was reducing.  To date I have lost 13 kilos very sensibly over the last 12 months through Indra’s guidance on informative diet choices, which means  I should be able to maintain this loss.  I continue to work with Indra on a monthly basis as the body at this time of life is going through many changes.  Every time I bring a different symptom Indra is able to assist me with a supplement which rectifies whatever is bothering me.  The changes made have been reasonably easy to incorporate into my life, I can still enjoy going out for a meal I just look for the better options.  I can still have a glass of wine if I want however I now tend to not to do this as I do notice the change in my body after a glass of wine.  Even today I am sometimes still surprised at how clear my brain feels, marvel at the energy level I have back.  I am still not perfect however I feel we have achieved at least an 80% improvement in my overall well being which I am delighted in.  I am extremely happy and feel very fortunate that Indra was recommended to me and that I took up the suggestion.  I would hate to think where I would be today without Indra’s guidance and help.  To anyone who is unsure however really feels they just need help, I would say make an appointment with Indra and help yourself to find the healthier you

~ Anne

I now have more energy and the main symptoms of hay fever that had impacted on my life for so long no longer effect me. 

I have always been drawn to seeking health and well being through holistic approaches.  Before coming to live in Darwin, I was fortunate to experience healing through Naturopathy with Indra.  I am so grateful now to have been treated by Indra and appreciate her care and depth of knowledge.  She has helped me effectively with every issue I have brought to her, from allergies, to stress and digestive problems.  After suffering from severe chronic hay fever for as long as I can remember, I went to see Indra who healed me through every step of my journey.  I now have more energy and the main symptoms of hay fever that had impacted on my life for so long no longer effect me.  As a practitioner myself I appreciate her unique approach to treatment and her compassionate nature. I know she’s only a phone call away and would fondly refer any patients whom I think would benefit from her treatment.

Thank you Indra!

~ Lauren (Myotherapist)